Original HRC document


Document Type: Amendment Resolution

Date: 2013 Sep

Session: 24th Regular Session (2013 Sep)

Agenda Item: Item5: Human rights bodies and mechanisms


Human Rights Council Twenty-fourth session

Agenda item 5

Human rights bodies and mechanisms

Algeria*, Belarus*, China*, Cuba*, Egypt*, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Russian

Federation*, South Africa*, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of): amendment to draft

resolution A/HRC/24/L.17

24/… Cooperation with the United Nations, its representatives and mechanisms in the field of human rights

After the second preambular paragraph, insert a new paragraph reading

Reiterating that the promotion and protection of human rights should be based on

the principles of cooperation and genuine dialogue, and aimed at strengthening the capacity

of Member States to comply with their human rights obligations for the benefit of all

human beings,

* Non-member State of the Human Rights Council.