Human Rights Council Thirty-second session

Agenda item 3

Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil,

political, economic, social and cultural rights,

including the right to development

Austria,* Belgium, Bulgaria*, Croatia*, Czech Republic*, Denmark*, Estonia*,

Finland*, France, Germany, Ireland*, Italy*, Luxembourg*, Netherlands, Norway,*

Romania*, Slovenia, Spain*, Sweden*, Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain

and Northern Ireland, United States of America:* amendment to draft resolution


32/… Protection of the family: role of the family in supporting the protection and promotion of human rights of persons with


Paragraph 22 should read

22. Also recognizes that families play a key role in social development, and as

such should be strengthened and attention paid to the rights, capabilities and responsibilities

of its members, and invites States, the organizations of the United Nations system and all

other relevant stakeholders to take into account the role of the family, as a contributor to

sustainable development, and the need to strengthen family policy development in their

ongoing efforts to achieve internationally agreed development goals;

* State not a member of the Human Rights Council.