Original HRC document


Document Type: Amendment Resolution

Date: 2018 Mar

Session: 37th Regular Session (2018 Feb)

Agenda Item: Item1: Organizational and procedural matters



Human Rights Council Thirty-seventh session

26 February–23 March 2018

Agenda item 1

Organizational and procedural matters

South Africa: amendment to draft resolution A/HRC/37/L.1

37/… The deteriorating situation of human rights in Eastern Ghouta, in the Syrian Arab Republic

After the eighth preambular paragraph, insert a new paragraph reading

Gravely concerned at the failure of the permanent members of the Security Council

to fulfil their obligations with regard to weapons of mass destruction and the Convention on

the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons

and on Their Destruction, which prohibits the use of and trade in these weapons.