Original HRC document


Document Type: Amendment Resolution

Date: 2018 Sep

Session: 39th Regular Session (2018 Sep)

Agenda Item: Item4: Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention



Human Rights Council Thirty-ninth session

10–28 September 2018

Agenda item 4

Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

Russian Federation,* Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of): amendment to draft

resolution A/HRC/39/L.20

39/… The human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic

After paragraph 36, insert a new paragraph reading

36 bis. Expresses its concern at the collaboration of non-State actors, including

business enterprises, funds, organizations and entities, with the so-called Islamic State in

Iraq and the Levant (Daesh), Al-Nusrah Front and other terrorist groups, stresses that such

cooperation directly contributes to grave violations of international humanitarian and

human rights law, and in this regard requests the Commission of Inquiry to collect data on

such cooperation with a view to ensuring future accountability of those responsible;

* State not a member of the Human Rights Council.