Original HRC document


Document Type: Final Decision

Date: 2018 Jul

Session: 38th Regular Session (2018 Jun)

Agenda Item: Item6: Universal Periodic Review



Human Rights Council Thirty-eighth session

18 June–6 July 2018

Agenda item 6

Decision adopted by the Human Rights Council on 29 June 2018

38/111. Outcome of the universal periodic review: United Arab Emirates

The Human Rights Council,

Acting in compliance with the mandate entrusted to it by the General Assembly in its

resolution 60/251 of 15 March 2006, and with Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1 of 18

June 2007 and 16/21 of 21 March 2011, and President’s statement PRST/8/1 of 9 April

2008, on the modalities and practices for the universal periodic review process,

Having conducted the review of the United Arab Emirates on 22 January 2018 in

conformity with all relevant provisions contained in the annex to Council resolution 5/1,

Adopts the outcome of the review of the United Arab Emirates, comprising the

report thereon of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review,1 the views of the

State concerning the recommendations and/or conclusions made, and its voluntary

commitments and replies presented before the adoption of the outcome by the plenary to

questions or issues not sufficiently addressed during the interactive dialogue held in the

Working Group.2

25th meeting

29 June 2018

[Adopted without a vote.]

1 A/HRC/38/14.

2 A/HRC/38/14/Add.1; see also A/HRC/38/2, chap. VI.