GE.A/HRC/19/51. 2-13255

Human Rights Council Nineteenth session

Agenda item 10

Technical assistance and capacity-building

Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council*


Technical assistance and capacity-building for Yemen in the field of

human rights

The Human Rights Council,

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human

Rights and relevant human rights treaties,

Recalling Security Council resolution 2014 (2011) of 21 October 2011 and Human

Rights Council resolution 18/19 of 29 September 2011,

Recognizing that the promotion and protection of human rights are key factors in

ensuring a fair and equitable justice system and, ultimately, reconciliation and stability for

the country,

Welcoming the process of political transition based on the Gulf Cooperation Council

initiative and its implementation mechanism that has started in Yemen, and the

commitment of the Government of Yemen to fully promote and protect human rights,

1. Takes note of the report of the United Nations High Commissioner for

Human Rights on the human rights situation in Yemen1 and of the debate held during the

nineteenth session of the Human Rights Council, as well as the statement, formal replies

and comments by the Government of Yemen on the report and its willingness to cooperate

with the United Nations and Office of the High Commissioner;

2. Takes note with appreciation of the efforts made by the Government of

Yemen to implement Human Rights Council resolution 18/19;

3. Welcomes and supports the invitation by the Government of Yemen to

establish a country office of the High Commissioner;

* The resolutions and decisions adopted by the Human Rights Council will be contained in the report of

the Council on its nineteenth session (A/HRC/19/2), chap. I.

4. Looks forward to further progress by the Government of Yemen regarding

the implementation of its announcement that it will launch transparent and independent

investigations, which will adhere to international standards, into credible documented

allegations of human rights violations through an independent national committee and in

consultation with political parties, and calls upon all parties to release persons arbitrarily

detained by them and to end any practices of unlawful detention of persons;

5. Encourages the Government of Yemen to continue to implement the

accepted recommendations contained in the reports of the High Commissioner2 with the

support of her Office;

6. Reiterates the commitments and obligations of the Government of Yemen to

promote and protect human rights;

7. Invites all bodies of the United Nations system, including the Office of the

High Commissioner and Member States, to assist the transitional process in Yemen,

including by supporting the mobilization of resources to tackle the economic and social

challenges faced by Yemen, in coordination with the international donor community and

according to the priorities set by the Yemeni authorities;

8. Calls upon the international community to provide financial support for the

Yemen humanitarian response plan of 2012 and the joint United Nations stabilization plan;

9. Requests the High Commissioner to provide technical assistance and to work

with the Government of Yemen, as needed, to identify additional areas of assistance to

enable Yemen to fulfil its human rights obligations;

10. Requests the Office of the High Commissioner to present to the Human

Rights Council, at its twenty-first session, a progress report on the situation of human rights

in Yemen and on the follow-up to the present resolution and Council resolution 18/19.

55th meeting

23 March 2012

[Adopted without a vote.]

2 A/HRC/18/21 and A/HRC/19/51.