Human Rights Council Thirtieth session

Agenda item 3

Resolution adopted by the Human Rights Council on 1 October 2015

30/8. Contribution of the Human Rights Council to the high-level

meeting on HIV/AIDS in 2016

The Human Rights Council,

Recalling Human Rights Council resolutions 12/27 of 2 October 2009, 15/22 of 30

September 2010 and 16/28 of 25 March 2011, and relevant Commission on Human Rights


Reaffirming the Political Declarations on HIV/AIDS adopted by the General

Assembly on 2 June 2006 and 8 July 2011, and the Declaration of Commitment on

HIV/AIDS, adopted by the Assembly on 27 June 2001,

Recalling the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights referred to

in the above-mentioned resolutions and annexed to Commission on Human Rights

resolution 1997/33 of 11 April 1997, which provides guidance to ensuring the respect,

protection and fulfilment of human rights in the context of HIV,

Recalling also the panel discussion held on 20 March 2012 at the nineteenth session

of the Human Rights Council on giving a voice to people living with or affected by


Welcoming the consensus reached on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable

Development, which contains a goal to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all

at all ages, and which includes the target of ending the epidemic of AIDS by 2030,

Welcoming also the decision of the General Assembly of 30 June 2014 to convene a

high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS in 2016,General Assembly decision 68/555. preferably in the second half of the year, and to

undertake the necessary consultations to determine the modalities and organizational

arrangements for such a meeting during the seventieth session of the Assembly,

Reaffirming that the full realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms for

all is an essential element in the global response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, including in

the areas of prevention, care, support and treatment, and that such a response reduces

people’s vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and prevents stigma and related discrimination against

people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS,

1. Decides to convene a panel discussion at its thirty-first session on the

progress in and challenges of addressing human rights issues in the context of efforts to end

the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the

International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights;

2. Invites the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to liaise

with States and all stakeholders, including relevant United Nations bodies, agencies, funds

and programmes, treaty bodies, special procedure mandate holders, national human rights

institutions and civil society, with a view to ensuring their participation in the panel


3. Requests the High Commissioner to prepare a report on the panel discussion

in the form of a summary and to submit it to the Human Rights Council at its thirty-second

session, and decides to bring the report to the attention of the General Assembly ahead of

the high-level meeting on HIV/AIDS in 2016;

4. Invites the General Assembly to take the summary report into consideration

ahead of and during the high-level meeting, in accordance with the modalities and

organizational arrangements, to be agreed pursuant to Assembly decision 68/555.

41st meeting

1 October 2015

[Adopted without a vote.]